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Why Waterproof Floors Are Important To Your Home

Today, there are several options for flooring that are promoted as waterproof or water-resistant, but it seems that each of these products means something different when it makes these claims.

We're here to help make sense of the haziness.

A floor made by COREtec/Shaw Floors* is totally watertight. This implies that when exposed to water, COREtec/Shaw Floors* flooring will never swell, expand, or contract. In contrast, water-resistant floors lack that challenge. "Water-resistant" floors can withstand water damage for a short while, but with prolonged exposure, they can swell.

Moreover, COREtec/Shaw Floors* flooring are distinct from laminate floors, which only feature a waterproof top layer or finish. These floors will prevent damage from above, but eventually they will be destroyed by water. This is crucial because water from below can cause warping since it can produce expansion and subtraction, which frequently cause contraction.

So, when COREtec/Shaw Floors* claims to be 100% waterproof, it truly is. All COREtec/Shaw Floors* flooring are waterproof for any length of time, both above and below the surface. The waterproof warranty from COREtec/Shaw Floors* completely supports this, stating that "The floor plank or tile is warranted to be 100% waterproof and the structural integrity of the floor plank or tile will not be materially diminished by exposure to water for the life of the product.”

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